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Nơi mợi người gặp và chia sẻ với nhau :D
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Các anh em trước khi register vào post bài trong 4rum nên tuân theo những điều luật …

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 some fables of aesop!

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PostSubject: some fables of aesop!   Tue Nov 24, 2009 2:28 am

1. always in the wrong!

A wolf, seeing a lamb drinking from a river, wanted to find a specious pretexr for devouring him. he stood higher up the stream and accused the lamb of muddying the water so that he could not drink. the lamb said that he drank only with the tip of his tongue, and that in any case he was standing lower down the river, and could not possibly disturb the water higher up. when this excuse failed him the wolf said:"well, last year you insulted my father". "i wasn't even born then", replied the lamb."you are good at the finding answers", said the wolf, " but I'm going to eat you all the same".
when the man is determined to get his knife into someone, he will turn a deaf ear to any plea, however just!

2. feline sophistry

A cat wanted to find a plausible excuse for killing and eating a cock which she had caught. she alleged that he made himself a nuisance to men crowing at night and preventing them for sleeping. the cock's defense was that he did men a good turn by waking them to start their day's work. then the cat charged him with committing the unnatural sin of incest with his mother and sisters. the cock replied that this also was a useful service to his owners, because it made the hens lay well. "you are full of pleas" said the cat, "but this is no reason why i should so hungry". so she made a meal of him.

3.plucked clean

A man whose hair was turning grey had two mistresses, one young and other old. the old one was ashamed of having a young man make love to her, and when he came to her, she kept pulling out the black hairs from his head. the young woman who did not like the idea of having an old man for a lover, used to pull out his grey hairs. so between them they ended by making him completely bald.

I'll continue, please wait for seeing the next story! thanks!
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some fables of aesop!
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